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If you are shipping a car and the vehicle is leased or has a lien on it, then the owner of the car must present a permission letter from the lien hold or lessor to ship the vehicle. This is a US custom rule of thumb. If the vehicle is fully paid for, then a copy of the title is required by US custom.

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The biggest question on most people's minds when they are in need of shipping a car is, "How much will this cost?". All you need to do is fill out our vehicle shipping rates form (on the home page) and you will receive an e-mail with quotes from multiple experienced auto shipping companies. Several factors can effect the price of your vehicle transport. The distance between the origin and the destination of your transport is a key factor, overseas and international vehicle shipping will often cost more.

The cost of transport is determined by the distance of shipping a vehicle and how popular the shipping route is. It is best to find a shipper that is well known by its peers and have years of experience in transporting vehicles. Be sure to do your homework. Ask lots of question to confirm any fears and resolve any issues you may have.

You will need auto shipping rates from the car shippers to estimate your budget. You need a auto transport quotes because you will be looking for best service at a lower shipping cost. Auto shipping quotes are the estimated cost of shipping your vehicle.

What you have to say in the "Quote Request"(the additional information)? At least: vehicle type & size, if operable or not, if you like an open carrier, or an enclosed trailer, locations from where to pick up and the other one for drop off the vehicle, and the moving date. After receiving quotes from different auto shipping companies, make a decision on what price you will pay for the car shipment in terms of the benefits available to you.

There are two shipping cost associated with a car transport. The cost of transportation that is paid to the driver before or after shipment. Sometimes, you are able to pay COD (cash on delivery), but in most cases you have to pay upfront. There may be a non-refundable deposit to secure your order and put things into action. Without this fee, the driver won't even load the vehicle.

Do not pay the non-refundable deposit until after your order is confirmed. The driver who loads your vehicle await instructions from the car shipper before starting the process.

Car shipping costs are made up of many different factors, such as; fuel, insurance & permits, temporary storage, and safety and security of the vehicle.

Dependable auto shipping can get very costly because you are paying for the service that you need.

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